Crap, I AM American…

It’s been over a month since we arrived in Seoul, and my feelings on the matter are starting  to sway a bit. Don’t get me wrong, Seoul can be a good time. Today Meghan, our new friend, and I went to see one of the palaces here in Seoul. “Finally! Something cultural. It’s about time I make an effort to integrate myself into this new culture,” I thought to myself. And it was very nice. But here’s the thing; after today I just feel extremely…American and uncultured. The truth is, I just don’t think I’ll ever really embrace Korean/any Asian culture. I really want to, but to be frank it just really does nothing for me. I don’t like seafood or rice noodles, the language is a turn off,  the architecture is truly disappointing, and the polluted air makes it hard to breath. Cultures that interest me? Mexican, South American, Cuban, English, Irish, Italian, and Scottish. Those are the biggies that really grab my attention. Bring on the Guinness, gelato, and empanadas I say! I suppose my European fascination could very well come from the fact that we learned a whole lot more about it growing up than Asian culture, seeing as Europe is kind of where America stems from. Or the fact that my ancestors came from England, Ireland, and Scotland. Or maybe it’s just the attractive men, sexy accents, and amazing food. Really couldn’t say. And my love for Latin culture comes from my love for the Spanish language, the music, the dancing, and the relaxed, happy, and positive attitude toward life. And the men…but I digress. The fact is, I came here truly wanting to learn the language and culture. I’ve gone from, ‘well how hard can Korean be, really?’ to ‘Eh, most people speak English. I’ll deal with not knowing what in the hell they’re saying.’ And from, ‘oh I’ll lose so much weight, because I’m sure I won’t like the food’ to ‘Well I was right; surely don’t like the traditional food. So it looks like pizza, doughnuts, and Twix EVERY DAY.’ Don’t get me wrong, I’m still having fun. And I still have time to fall in love with something other than the hotteoks here (for those of you that don’t know what a hotteok is, look it up. It is DELICIOUS). But still, I was really hoping to be inspired sooner by the culture in some way, but the reality is that I would take this:


(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

or this:


(London, England)

or this:


(Cork, Ireland)

over this:


(Seoul, Korea)

or this:


(Seoul, Korea)

every time.



2 thoughts on “Crap, I AM American…

  1. From your pictures, I would totally agree with you, but I admire your tenacity and effort. You’ve still got time. Perhaps Jeju Island will be the gem in South Korea.

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