Mayday! Man Down!

Well, Meghan and I are at about our sixth week here in Seoul, and the blanket of pollution hovering over the city, the snot that the children at work are constantly rubbing on their hands and then touching us with, and possibly the traveling germs from the mucus that people spit into the streets have finally caught up with both of us. We are two sickly Seoul sisters. We have officially bid our voices farewell (RIP: funeral date pending) and have gone through obscene amounts of tissue. Every time I get excited or worked up I suddenly become Tiny Tim on The Muppet Christmas Carol and embark on a three minute coughing fit.


Seeing as Meghan, our new friend, AND myself are varying degrees of hypochondriacs, this is a horrible combination. In our minds, Meghan could have anything ranging from a sinus infection to lymphoma, our friend is convinced she has a parasite that’s eating her brain and causing migraines and her nose to bleed, and I’m pretty sure I just have a cold, although I haven’t ruled out a bacterial infection that could spread to my eyes, ears, brain, liver, pancreas…anyway, needless to say it hasn’t been an exceptionally fun week or so. On the upside, I think I am finally getting control over my classes. They’ve been behaving about 97% better this past week, which is a very big relief to me. Too bad those adorable little  walking buckets of disease are most likely what got us sick in the first place, as their response to being asked how they are everyday is, “:cough, sneeze, sniffle, wipe nose with hand and touch everything: Sick.” Oh well, I’ll forgive them for now, as long as they continue behaving. It’s also giving us an excuse to eat stupid amounts of ice cream and to watch movies instead of being productive. After all, who can actually get work done in a weakened condition like this? (Because a cold is basically equivalent to having your tonsils taken out, cancer, tuberculosis, bird flu…right?)



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