May Flowers


First off I just want to say: feliz cinco de mayo! Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to fill you in on what’s been going on here in the past few weeks. I honestly think that the major occurrence that needs to be shared is the purchase of an insanely nice jacket. And dress. Not sure if you appreciate this news as much as I do, but it was a pretty big deal in my life. Which just goes to show that a whole lot of NOTHING has been happening in my life. The good news is that that is starting to change as the weather gets nicer. I spent a lot of time outside this weekend exploring different areas of Seoul, and I think these new areas may be the silver lining I’ve been looking for. My friend and I went to explore a quaint little village near the palace yesterday (ok, so maybe we really just went there for the cafe with the scrumptious paninis and soup that we found the last time we were there) and happened to stumble upon the most amazing area I’ve seen yet. Filled with adorable European style cafes, loads of Italian restaurants, actual trees and flowers, and bakeries that you can smell from half a mile away that make you want your life to be a cartoon so there’s a little smoke cloud that you can float on that leads you directly to the deliciousness, it was exactly the kind of area that I’ve been looking for.


I definitely plan on returning there next weekend, which will be such a great change from Itaewon, which is the black hole we seem to find ourselves in every weekend even though we don’t like it because, well, we never knew any better. Because as the second largest city in the world that extends for hours there’s really probably only one area with other foreigners and alcohol… Anyway, today we had a picnic at Seoul Forest, which is really just a park, but nevertheless it is filled with beautiful flowers and trees. All this weekend I’ve been thinking ‘WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE PAST 2 AND A HALF MONTHS?!’ If only I could live in one of THOSE areas as opposed to the red light district, I think I could have a very different experience here. My nights could be spent sipping lattes in a charming village cafe as opposed to watching movies with the headphones on to drown out the sound of sex and alley cats from the sleazy motel next door. But, as Bill Burr would say; what the fuck ya gonna do?



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