I’m a big girl now…kind of

It’s been a challenging, well, month for me as you might be able to tell. The constant moping that I don’t have a wonderful and dashing foreign husband by now (preferably a singing  Scottish one),

Like maybe this one…

or definitely this one

my distaste for Asian culture and language, working all day everyday with literally no breaks…luckily I’ve been dealing with all of these little annoyances in a healthy  and mature way; shoving entire containers of ice cream, supersized Hershey’s bars, and Twix into my face every single day,  further plunging me into an even deeper depression, telling myself how no sensible Scotsman will ever love me when I weigh as much as a small horse and have icing from the 5 doughnuts I just ate smeared across my face like a toddler.

So you may be shocked to hear that I am roughly 91.3% sure that I will wind up staying for a second year. Why, you may ask? Well, money mostly. When you have, as Meghan so eloquently puts it, a degree in basket weaving, options to make money in the States are kind of slim. Don’t get me wrong, I fully intend on fixing the little mishap that I made in my college career choice by getting a second degree. But first I’d like to pay off the enormous debt from my first degree before plunging into more debt for a second one that will actually make me a little money, hopefully allowing me to pay off the second one a little faster than the first. The harsh truth is that staying over here is one of my best options for saving money/paying off my bills. What’s happening here, unfortunately, is that little Courtney is growing up. I am making a financially responsible decision in exchange for what I’d really love to do (have I mentioned that I fucking HATE being in my 20’s and growing up?), which is skip out on all bills and hitch a ride to Argentina…or Scotland…or really anywhere else. However, since  I have finally discovered that it’s only the red light district of Seoul that really sucks (and also happens to be where I live), and that there are in fact pretty places in Seoul, it looks like maybe sucking it up for 2 years wouldn’t be so terrible. But don’t misunderstand me. I definitely don’t plan on staying in SEOUL for another year. I’m thinking I could maybe handle Jeju, Busan, or any other coastal city that provides me with nicer weather and a beach. If there’s no language, no men, and no architecture for me to enjoy, then damnit provide me with a little ocean-side scenery, that’s what I say! Plus I now have the benefit of already being here, so I’ll be able to actually visit where I’d be working and living before starting, and would probably make a little more in my salary. But what can I say? I like to look on the bright side of things. For example, 2 different men bought me a flower while I was out and about yesterday, which brought a huge smile to my face and was an incredible kind thing to do. See? I’m brimming with optimism! I also hope that Korean flowers like lead and mercury poisoned  water…in a very happy and positive way…




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