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(Finally some photos. And you thought maybe we were actually middle aged men.)

Two American girls ready to take the plunge into the real world.  By this we mean moving from the USA to South Korea.  Before we talk to you about this massive decision we decided on, let us describe to you how we met one another.  We met October 23, 2011 on a bus in Morocco.  We were headed back to Granada, Spain where the two of us were studying for the semester. This bus ride ended up being the ride from hell.  In Morocco it is not uncommon for children and adult alike to hang onto the bottom of buses so they can sneak into Spain from the ferry.  What ended up happening was that we had stowaways under our bus, which in turn broke it. We ended up being stranded in the middle of the Moroccan desert for hours.  By the time a new bus had come it was dark and everyone was asleep on the bus.  Low and behold the only people not sleeping were us! From bonding in the desert to joking around at 3 in the morning on a bus back to Spain we have been able to become fast friends.  The time in Spain we spent together will not be forgotten, hell half of it we can’t remember.  All in all, it is the friendships like ours that last through the years.  We may live in different areas of the USA, but we are ready to be reunited and take on a culture that neither of us are familiar with at all.

Now, back to our decision of going to South Korea for a year.  We both went through some tough situations at the beginning of autumn in 2012, and decided we just wanted to get away and do something for us.  This may have been a dramatic oversight and decision, but you only live once, right? Luckily, we are basically carbon copies of one another and enjoy the same things, so deciding what to do was rather easy.  We wanted to teach abroad.  Where was the question? With thorough research from Courtney, and some help from Meghan we came across the company Gone2Korea. Through this company we were able to not only get teaching jobs in the same city (hence the title of this blog “American Seoul Sisters”), we were offered positions at the same school!  That is not a common occurrence, so we lucked out.

This blog will be our way to include all of our friends and (maybe) family on the shenanigans we find ourselves in for the next year.  January and February 2013 we will primarily post about our preparation for this trip, how we are spending our last month and a half in the states, and other random thoughts and insights we may have. We want this blog to be raw and let you all see the real us.  We hope over the next year to find ourselves, and actually determine what we want out of life.  In September 2012, both of us thought we knew where our lives were going until we both experienced life changing events that created such a whirlwind in our lives that we forgot who we were and what made us happy.  Now we are doing what we think will help us.  There have been both friends and family that have had reservations about this decision we each made separately, but sometimes you just have to choose your own path.  Whether or not those who are closest to you agree.

We leave you with this:

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.” – Robert Frost

Meg & Courtney.


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