I’m a big girl now…kind of

It’s been a challenging, well, month for me as you might be able to tell. The constant moping that I don’t have a wonderful and dashing foreign husband by now (preferably a singing ¬†Scottish one), Continue reading


May Flowers


First off I just want to say: feliz cinco de mayo! Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to fill you in on what’s been going on here in the past few weeks. I honestly think that the major occurrence that needs to be shared is the purchase of an insanely nice jacket. And dress. Not sure if you appreciate this news as much as I do, but it was a pretty big deal in my life. Which just goes to show that a whole lot of NOTHING has been happening in my life. The good Continue reading

April Showers


April is normally one of my favorite months of the year, but I find that with this April comes a hint of melancholy. I’ve been thinking just how much can happen in 365 days, and it is positively astounding. I think back to one year ago today; how different my life was. I had just returned from Ireland, and it was without a doubt the happiest time of my life. I look at this girl; so full of Continue reading

Mayday! Man Down!

Well, Meghan and I are at about our sixth week here in Seoul, and the blanket of pollution hovering over the city, the snot that the children at work are constantly rubbing on their hands and then touching us with, and possibly the traveling germs from the mucus that people spit into the streets have finally caught up with both of us. We are two sickly Seoul sisters. We have officially bid our voices farewell (RIP: funeral date pending) and Continue reading

Crap, I AM American…

It’s been over a month since we arrived in Seoul, and my feelings on the matter are starting ¬†to sway a bit. Don’t get me wrong, Seoul can be a good time. Today Meghan, our new friend, and I went to see one of the palaces here in Seoul. “Finally! Something cultural. It’s about time I make an effort to integrate myself into this new culture,” I thought to myself. And it was very nice. But here’s the thing; Continue reading