Chicago: City of Unexpected Nights We Won’t Remember (By: Meg)

So Chicago was definitely the trip I expected and so much more…

Wednesday: As Courtney briefly discussed, no one should have a Wednesday like us. So, I will be avoiding Hubbard Street next time I am in Chicago for fear or being recognized. The good part of Wednesday was I ran into the men that would in turn take us out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Granted Courtney’s guy was a total creep (Stranger Danger for sure). My guy however was pretty fucking awesome! Let’s call him “Suits.”
He was pretty gorgeous. He had just moved to Chicago for his job (which was opening a new store on the Magnificent Mile). Now, what blew my mind was how much of a sharp dresser he was. Man…was he pretty.

Thursday: Anyway, so on Valentine’s Day, Courtney and I did manage to crawl out of bed around 2PM. Wednesday just killed our livers and pride. We did go to the Field Museum which was pretty cool. I always enjoy natural history museums. We did meet up with Suits and Stranger Danger at the pretty nifty sushi restaurant Sunda. Now, Courtney and I don’t necessarily enjoy seafood at all. Courtney more so than I, but at least they had some tempura shrimp…so I was happy. With Stranger Danger upping the creepiness level throughout dinner it did not surprise me that Courtney bailed. Suits and I ended up ditching Stranger Danger as well. Suits and I ended up going to a sky bar, which was pretty fantastic. The views were amazing, I looked great, and I was with a gorgeous guy who keeps buying me cosmo’s. Life Is Good. So after a night of casual drinking, I eventually got back to my hotel around 4AM.

Friday Day: So, after my mini adventure with Suits I made it home and passed out. Once Courtney and I awoke from our slumber we decided to walk around the town. Now, like any normal person I have an obsession with the things I MUST see in any city I visit or I will kick myself for not seeing something. This obsessive landmark for me was “the bean.” Now, I still have no idea of it’s importance, but I wanted to see it. And see I did. It was pretty awesome. We took all the stereotypical photos with it. Once, we were done at Millennium Park, we went to the Art Museum. That was pretty cool seeing all works there. Granted for what we spent on tickets, we did the fastest tour ever. Granted we really only looked at the impressionism area. Contemporary art is just not my thing. After the museum, I decided to venture by myself to the Willis Tower (Sears Towers). I don’t know why they changed the name, everyone still calls it the Sears Tower. Anyhoo…the Tower was everything I expected. Long lines, a lot of kids on a field trip, and a great view!I would not have forgiven myself if I had not gone, so I am glad I did. 62506_10151469522616212_1490842275_n


After the Tower, I met up with Suits for a few. He bought him and I coffee, and walked with me back to my hotel.

Friday Night: Now, the rest of Friday night was crazy. A lot happened in the hours of 7:30PM-4AM. Some of which, I am trying to repress. Friday night consisted of dinner and a show. Now, what blew my mind is back in January, I went to the Jimmie’s Chicken Shack 20th Anniversary reunion show in Baltimore, MD. The guitarist from tonight’s show, played there! So, in turn this girl gets invited back stage 🙂
Not only did I meet the band, but I met some members of Bad Company…random. Stellar time though. The band then invited me and everyone I am with up to a private party

Courtney does not remember this part, but I do, and it was pretty awesome to say the least. Now, this is where I lose some of my night. I find myself not with Courtney, her god-sister, or suits anymore. So…the hunt begins. Turns out they are at some cafe. So, I grab a cab and get my ass over there and enjoy some amazing french toast. Although the scrambler that suits got was so much better, so when he wasn’t looking Courtney and I would steal every little bit of it.

Well what happens in Chicago, truly needs to stay there. My night did not end after the cafe adventure, and it continued well to 8AM with Suits. So in saying that….I am keeping these thoughts to myself. Now with spending a few days in Chicago, I did realize the big city is where I belong. I had been having a lot of reservations about leaving to go to Seoul. Some days would be “I am staying” others would be “I am leaving.” Honesty, I am not sure which will be the right decision, but the only way to find out is go. So although I have my reservations, going is the only thing that will solve this problem. If I decide it is not for me when I arrive, I can always come home. Only time will tell with this one.

Thank you Chicago for inadvertently making the decision for me!



The “What if?” Dilemma (By Meg)

I am officially under the one week mark of my reunion with Courtney.  You would think my excitement would be going through the roof.  I get to see one of my best friends for the first time in a year, AND I get to travel to a foreign world.  Don’t get me wrong I am excited, but I seem to have a lot of “What if’s?” following me this week.


1. What if I didn’t go?

2. What if I went back to school instead?

3. What if this is not the right choice?

4. What if I decided this too much on a whim?

5. What if Deputy asked me to stay?

All these “what if’s?” resonate in my head. I am not sure which is my right path, and I think once I begin this journey I will know.  A big part of all these “What if’s?” is Deputy.  I promised myself I would guard myself from any feelings that would seize up over the few months we had together.  Now that our time has come to an end with me leaving on Tuesday, all these feelings have become apparent.  Granted, it took an argument for me to tell him just how much he means to me, but it feels good to get it off my chest.

One thing learned, as much as you try and guard your feelings you can’t. We will see how this year abroad goes, and if we cross paths again maybe we can start over.  (assuming all t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.) Only time will tell on this scenario.  If we do not find ourselves together again in the future, at least I know I have an amazing friend that has done more for me these past few months than other so-called friends.  He has always been true, and always looking out for my best interest.  For that, I am grateful.

I also promised myself I would not choose to not go because of a man.  I have made too many decision in the past based on “what the man wants.” I am done.  However, I am a hopeless romantic. I believe once you find the person you aren’t meant to be with you know.  Granted this way of thinking may be due to my years of watching Disney movies over and over again receiving an unreal portrayal of life and love.  Seriously, a kiss will never save me from being dead or a coma or even getting my voice back. I can however believe that if it is meant to be our paths will cross again one day, and that moment will depict whether we are to be together or not.  Until then…

From Letters to Juliet

“”What” and “If” are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: What if? What if? What if? I don’t know how your story ended but if what you felt then was true love, then it’s never too late. If it was true then, why wouldn’t it be true now? You need only the courage to follow your heart. I don’t know what a love like Juliet’s feels like – love to leave loved ones for, love to cross oceans for but I’d like to believe if I ever were to feel it, that I will have the courage to seize it. And….if you didn’t, I hope one day that you will.”



A very awkward evening

Ok friends, so I had a night last night that probably qualifies for one of the top 5 most awkward nights of my life. I have two friends from high school that I will call Hispanoamericano and Blondie. No, Blondie is nothing like Clint Eastwood. He is in fact the polar opposite of Clint Eastwood. He just happens to have blonde hair. Anyway, Hispanoamericano and Blondie are best friends. I had not seen either one of them for several years, but we were all very randomly reunited a little over a week ago, Continue reading

5 Reasons to not go on a date to see Les Miserable the movie (By Meg)

MOG #4

5 Reasons to NOT go on a date to see Les Miserables (the movie)

First off I am a major fan of the book and the Broadway show.  Figured that would be the first point I make in this post. In saying that, I LOVED the movie.  I thought it was fantastic.  Once you get over the fact that those who take part in it are in fact ACTORS not SINGERS, it makes the movie that much more amazing.  The director wanted to show the raw emotion of the characters, not the rehearsed animation that is seen when watching the show.  I believe in fact he accomplished that.  Granted there were many more close ups then necessary, but still A+ in my book.

In case some Continue reading